German Bishop Believes Some People Born in ‘Wrong’ Body

When it comes to sexuality, the Church’s magisterium and Christian anthropology “must” adopt the “latest findings of science”, the German bishops’ representative for the pastoral care of homosexuals, Auxiliary Bishop Ludger Schepers of Essen, told Schepers confuses science with homosexual propaganda. According to his theory, humanity is “not” male and female, but rather an … Read more

German Bishop Attacks Church Teaching On There Being Only Two Sexes

A German bishop criticized Catholic teaching for “assuming there is only man and only woman” and demanded that the Church change its infallible doctrine on sexuality in the latest heterodox comments from the German hierarchy. Bishop Ludger Schepers, an auxiliary bishop for the Diocese of Essen, who serves as the “representative for queer pastoral care” … Read more

German Bishop Commissions 13 Female ‘Deacons in the Spirit’ with Support of Bishops’ Conference Head

Thirteen German women have been “commissioned” as “deacons in the spirit” by a local bishop following a three-year “female deacons” training plan, in an event praised by the president of the German bishops’ conference. On April 13, the auxiliary bishop of the Diocese of Essen, Bishop Ludger Schepers, commissioned 13 women who had completed a … Read more

The “Queer” Pastoral Care of the German Bishops

The story is appalling, yet I can’t help finding a comic aspect to the German bishops’ announcement that Bishop Ludger Schepers “will be the representative for queer pastoral care.” On first reading that announcement, I assumed that the phrase “queer pastoral care” was an awkward computer translation. But no, the German original uses the term … Read more