Sex Abuser David Haas’ Deep Ties to Saginaw Diocese

(Warning: graphic content) Catholic composer David Haas, accused of raping and abusing numerous victims over the course of four decades, had numerous links to predator clergy in the diocese of Saginaw, Michigan. Saginaw has been the center of a major criminal investigation of multiple accused clergy, including convicted pedophile Fr. Robert DeLand. The 22-page report details Haas’ 40-year track record … Read more

Saginaw Catholic Diocese ‘Stonewalled’ Investigators in Alleged Sex Abuse Case

When a beloved priest known as “Father Bob” was charged with sex crimes a year ago, the Catholic Diocese of Saginaw vowed to help investigators. Bishop Joseph Cistone said he had a “sincere desire for justice” and the diocese “would cooperate fully with law enforcement.” Prosecutors say it didn’t happen that way. In the year … Read more