German Diocese Offers Homosexual Couple Blessings On St. Valentine’s Day

The Catholic Diocese of Aachen has declared itself in favor of same-sex relationships and blessings, offering blessings to “all couples and newly in love” for the recent St. Valentine’s Day. In a February 14 Facebook post, the traditional feast of St. Valentine, the Diocese of Aachen issued a welcome to “all couples and newly in … Read more

German Bishop Says Homosexual ‘Attraction’ and ‘Lovemaking’ Not An ‘Aberration’

A German bishop has declared that sexual diversity is “willed by God and does not violate the Creator’s will,” and that “homosexual lovemaking” is not an aberration but a “variant of human sexuality.” Helmut Dieser, the bishop of the diocese of Aachen and the head of the Forum for Sexuality and Partnership for the Synodal … Read more