Be A Pell

The signature of our time is the betrayal of the small by the powerful. Bureau thugs with mammoth government backing surveil Catholic families; protestors fester in prison for years without a trial; bishops are stripped from their flock without canonical justification. And the man who should most have our backs, the man who has charge … Read more

Cardinal Pell Doubts Vatican’s Financial Scandal Will Ever Be Fully Revealed

Cardinal George Pell has cast doubt on whether a big Vatican financial trial will go ahead, saying “it might fail for legal reasons”. The trial concerns the Holy See’s 350 million euro (nearly $A550 million) investment in a London property deal but has expanded to include other alleged financial crimes. Vatican prosecutors accuse Italian brokers, … Read more

Cardinal Becciu Reportedly Stole Vatican Funds to Bribe Witnesses in Case Against George Pell

A senior Catholic cardinal has been accused of using €700,000 in Vatican funds to bribe witnesses to secure a sex abuse conviction against a rival. Italian media have reported that Cardinal Giovanni Angelo Becciu, 72, is suspected of wiring the cash to recipients in Australia who helped ensure hostile testimony in the abuse trial of … Read more

Cardinal Becciu Covertly Channeled Money to Australia

An Italian newspaper reported that Vatican prosecutors have received allegations that the funds were transferred after Cardinal George Pell returned there to face sexual abuse charges. Vatican prosecutors are investigating allegations that Cardinal Giovanni Angelo Becciu funneled 700,000 euro through the apostolic nunciature in Australia — an action that one Italian newspaper suggests could be … Read more

WATCH: Cardinal Pell Says ‘Senior People in Rome’ Believe Vatican Officials Linked To My Imprisonment

Cardinal George Pell has said that senior people in Rome believe his conviction and imprisonment in Australia was related to the trouble he was causing to “corrupt officials in the Vatican” as he led the financial reforms. In an interview released today with Australia’s Sky News, host Andrew Bolt asks Pell whether he had ever … Read more

Pell Now Faces a Vatican Inquiry Into Child Abuse Allegations

How much more persecution will this man have to endure? Cardinal George Pell now faces a Church inquiry into allegations of sexually assaulting children, even though the High Court of Australia dramatically quashed his earlier convictions. Following the cardinal’s conviction by a jury, which became public in February 2019, the Vatican opened a case against … Read more