Homo Sex Trafficking in Catholic Seminaries

People often associate the term “sex trafficking” with women or minors being transported across international borders to be used as sex slaves for high-paying clients. What many do not realize is that Catholic seminarians are also being trafficked for sexual purposes by priests or bishops. Foreign-born young men have come to the United States to study for the … Read more

Buffalo’s Bishop Grosz Accused of Sexual Abuse

Retired Auxiliary Bishop Edward M. Grosz joins a growing list of American Catholic bishops being investigated for child sex abuse claims or for mishandling abuse allegations. A spokesman for the Archdiocese of New York confirmed that a molestation claim made against Grosz in a lawsuit filed Monday has triggered Vatican norms for investigating bishops known … Read more

WATCH: The Real Predator Protector in Buffalo

As the financial and sex scandals continue to pour out of the ranks of U.S. bishops, one small but significant fact tends to get overlooked: the auxiliary bishops’ role in the cover-up. Auxiliary bishops are able to stay well out of the limelight and provide plausible deniability for crooked bishops. In short, the auxiliaries are able to do the … Read more