Pennsylvania Grand Jury Says Church Had a ‘Playbook for Concealing the Truth’

Avoid scandal. Use euphemisms. Ask inadequate questions. Lock complaints away in a “secret archive.” Above all, don’t tell the police. Those are some of the tactics that leaders of the Roman Catholic Church in Pennsylvania used to conceal child sexual abuse by priests over a period of 70 years, according to a grand jury report … Read more

The Church’s Coming Catastrophe

I had not intended to post another Catholic scandal item today, but then I saw the above tweet by J.D. Flynn, and, given Flynn’s reputation and his position as editor-in-chief of Catholic News Agency, I had second thoughts. That J.D. Flynn believes this is big news, I believe. And for me personally, it’s a strange … Read more

Who Will Guard the Guardians of the Church?

Amid the raw anger over the cover-ups for ex-Cardinal Theodore McCarrick’s alleged sexual abuse, bishops and lay faithful are calling for independent investigations, saying the credibility of the U.S. episcopate has been shattered. Both clergy and lay leaders are calling for laypeople, independent of the Church’s structure, to be empowered to help root out corruption  … Read more

Sexual Abuse Victims Group Calls for Removal of Cardinals Wuerl, Farrell and Maradiaga from World Meeting of Families Line-Up

A group representing clerical child sex survivors worldwide has written an open letter to Catholic Archbishop of Dublin Diarmuid Martin seeking the removal of three cardinals from World Meeting of Families (WMOF) events in Dublin later this month. Archbishop Martin is chairing the WMOF board. Ending Clergy Abuse (ECA) represents survivors in 15 countries and … Read more

Catholics Blast Cardinal Wuerl’s ‘Solution’ to the McCarrick Sex Abuse Crisis

Washington Cardinal Donald Wuerl’s proposal to impanel a committee of bishops to investigate mounting allegations and evidence of systemic problems concerning the handling of sexual misconduct within the ranks of the U.S. bishops is being rejected––by esteemed laity as well as a fellow bishop. Bishop Edward B. Scharfenberger of the Diocese of Albany just issued a statement in reaction … Read more

Catholics in Archdiocese of Washington are Conflicted Over Financial Support after McCarrick Sex Scandal

Catholics in the District of Columbia are conflicted about how to continue to support the church after the resignation of former Cardinal Theodore E. McCarrick over reports of sexual abuse. The former archbishop of Washington stepped down from the College of Cardinals one month after a church panel substantiated a report that, as a priest … Read more

This Is What Priests Have Come To Know

Here is an excerpt from the “pastoral reflection” of Cardinal Donald Wuerl, the Archbishop of Washington and immediate successor of Cardinal — sorry, now just “Archbishop” — Theodore McCarrick. It is the cardinal’s Deep Thoughts on the revelation that a prince of the church was an experienced rapist of boys and seminarians: What is particularly disheartening, certainly … Read more

Will Cardinal Wuerl be the Next To Fall?

As the nation awaits the release of the bombshell Pennsylvania grand jury report, some are wondering whether Washington, D.C.’s Cdl. Donald Wuerl will be the next cleric to fall after Cdl. Theodore McCarrick. Wuerl was bishop of Pittsburgh for nearly two decades, from 1988–2006 — one of the six dioceses investigated in the grand jury report. As … Read more

Priest: If I Knew, So Did They

It was the feigned ignorance and shock of Cdl. Kevin Farrell that finally caused my confidence in the American hierarchy to completely collapse. Arriving in Rome at the North American College towards the close of Benedict’s papacy, the homosexual priest scandal seemed a distant memory. From my perspective, a new generation of bishops had corrected … Read more