Senior Vatican Official Makes Case for Married Priests

The Roman Catholic Church should “seriously think” about allowing priests to marry, a senior Vatican official and advisor to Pope Francis said in an interview published on Sunday. “This is probably the first time I’m saying it publicly and it will sound heretical to some people,” Archbishop Charles Scicluna of Malta, who is also adjunct … Read more

Sex Abuse Summit Czar ‘Accidentally’ Likes Gay Pride Tweet

Archbishop Charles Scicluna may have tipped his hand regarding his views of same-sex relationships after “inadvertently” sharing a tweet celebrating gay pride. The July 1 tweet “liked” by the archbishop of Malta features Charles Joughin, former press secretary for the LGBTQ advocacy group Human Rights Campaign, standing with another man at the June 30 LGBTQ Pride Parade in New York City. The … Read more

Confronting Troubling Questions Ahead of February Bishops’ Meeting

Time is short for concrete actions and authentic reforms. We cannot afford another missed opportunity. The Holy See announced in September that Pope Francis would focus all of the energies and proposals in dealing with the growing global clergy sex-abuse crisis on one event: the gathering in Rome of the presidents of the world’s episcopal … Read more

Cupich and Scicluna Hit Their Talking Points, but are Silent on Key Problems

Throughout recent interviews, both Cardinal Cupich and Archbishop Scicluna convey a persistent attitude of denial regarding the role of the bishops in the ongoing crisis. Two significant interviews dropped late last week, in which key figures in the organization of the upcoming meeting of the heads of the world’s bishops’ conferences on the theme of … Read more

Trust Us — This Time, We’re Serious

The Jesuit America magazine lands an exclusive interview with Archbishop Charles Scicluna, who is one of four organizers Pope Francis named to sort out the February 2019 global meeting about clerical sex abuse. Excerpt: While acknowledging that it is only four days long (Feb. 21-24) and “is certainly not going to solve everything,” Archbishop Scicluna emphasized that “it … Read more