Illinois AG: Cardinal Cupich Isn’t Telling The Truth About The Sex-Abuse Investigation

  Survivors of childhood sexual abuse at the hands of Catholic priests and clerics are speaking out about the Illinois Attorney General Kwame Raoul’s explosive multi-year investigation that’s put Chicago’s archbishop on the defensive. That comprehensive investigation details abuse by Catholic clergy and names 451 Catholic clerics and religious brothers who reportedly abused at least … Read more

Report: Illinois Clergy Sexually Abused Nearly 2,000 Children

A five-year investigation just published by the office of Illinois’ Attorney General reports that 451 Catholic clergy sexually abused nearly 2,000 children, a number vastly greater than previously reported by the state’s six dioceses before the investigation began. Attorney General Kwame Raoul recounted in a news conference that his office discovered priests and religious brothers … Read more

Cupich Draws Fierce Opposition from Polish and Hispanic Catholics to Aggressive Church Closures

Over 40 people, many of them former parishioners, gathered Sunday afternoon outside the closed St. Adalbert Catholic Church in Pilsen to honor their patron saint on his feast day. The celebration began with a Litany to St. Adalbert, the church’s and Poland’s shared patron saint. The group offered petitions first in Polish, then Spanish, then … Read more

Cupich Restricts Eucharistic Adoration

The Archdiocese of Chicago is expected to restrict the exposition of the Eucharist during a national Eucharistic pilgrimage that will traverse the Chicago region next year, ahead of the Eucharistic Congress scheduled for next July. The anticipated restriction comes amid differences of emphasis and approach among U.S. bishops over the Church’s Eucharistic revival process, now … Read more

Cardinal Cupich’s Shocking Misrepresentation of Pope Benedict

Taking his cue from Cardinal McElroy—and ignoring the strong cautions from Archbishop Aquila and Archbishop Naumann, among others—Chicago’s Cardinal Blase Cupich has written a column in his archdiocesan newspaper calling for full inclusion of active homosexuals in the life of the Church. Actually the cardinal does not mention homosexuality in his column. But anyone conversant … Read more

Cupich Planning To Sell Historic Chicago Church To Someone Who Hosted Simulated Homoerotic Orgy

The owner of a luxury event venue that has regularly hosted lewd performances, including a simulated homoerotic orgy and obscene, perverse music videos, is preparing to close on the purchase of the beloved, historic St. Adalbert’s Catholic Church in Chicago. Dan Davidson, who specializes in digital image projection for entertainment venues, told LifeSiteNews on January … Read more

WATCH: Cupich Removes Pieta Statue from Parish While Faithful Arrested

A marble replica of Michelangelo’s ‘La Pieta’ statue residing at St. Adalbert’s Church was relocated from the now-closed religious establishment Tuesday. For more than a century, the 6,000 lbs. statue resided in the church, but after a controversial decision to shutter the church in 2019, the removal of the statue only adds another painful memory … Read more