Blase Joseph Cardinal Cupich

Current Role Archbishop of Chicago Official Web Site: Mailing Address: 835 N. Rush Street, Chicago, IL 60611-2030, USA Telephone: (312)534-8200 What Has Been Reported Organizer of the Sexual Abuse Summit in Rome which as been thoroughly discredited as a cover-up operation Protected homosexual subculture while rector at Josephinum Seminary in Columbus, Ohio Knew about … Read more

There Is No ‘Biological Solution’ to the Catholic Church’s Spiritual Crisis

What we were talking about had a name in Catholic circles. It was called “the biological solution.” Roughly speaking, it meant that priests attached to the reforming visions and the theological fads of mid 20th century would, by the simple process of aging and dying, be replaced by the younger, more tradition-minded, and less morally … Read more

Cardinal Cupich Praises Pro-LGBT James Martin as ‘Foremost Evangelizer’ of Youth

U.S. Cardinal Blase Cupich praised Jesuit Fr. James Martin for being what he called the “foremost evangelizer” of young people in the Church today. “He really is one of the, if not the foremost evangelizer in the Church today, especially for young people,” said the Pope Francis-appointed Cardinal, who is the Archbishop of Chicago, while speaking at The University … Read more