Pope Francis and McCarrick: Where Does the Evidence Lead?

Archbishop Viganò made four major claims. But do the facts support them? Archbishop Carlo Maria Viganò’s testimony, published on Saturday, goes on for 7,000 words and names more than 30 public figures, mostly to denounce them. But at its heart are a small number of very serious allegations about Pope Francis’s treatment of Theodore McCarrick. Since … Read more

Seminarians Require Our Protection, Too

A scene from The Shawshank Redemption popped into my head yesterday. The Shawshank Redemption is a movie based on Stephen King’s novel about a falsely convicted man in a New England prison. The scene that came to me was when Andy Dufresne, played by Timothy Robbins, was discussing new evidence of his innocence with the prison warden, Warden Norton, … Read more

Cupich Dismisses Viganò Claims as a ‘Rabbit Hole’

Archbishop of Chicago says Pope Francis has a ‘bigger agenda’ to worry about, including defending migrants and protecting the environment. Speaking Aug. 27 to Chicago’s NBC 5, Cardinal Cupich said that the Pope has “got to get on with other things, of talking about the environment and protecting migrants and carrying on the work of … Read more

A Comparison of Two Pastoral Responses

Many bishops have issued pastoral letters to their dioceses in response to the recent sex abuse scandals. One of the most powerful letters issued to date is from Bishop Morlino of the diocese of Madison. It truly stands-out when compared to letters written by his brother bishops, such as that of Cardinal Cupich from the Archdiocese of … Read more

Catholics tell Cardinal Cupich: Clerical Sex Abuse ‘Has Everything to do with Homosexuality’

According to Pope Francis-appointed Cardinal Blase Cupich of Chicago, homosexuality in the clergy isn’t the main issue in the sex abuse crisis, and saying so is a “diversion” away from the real issue, clericalism. Cupich, one of the most left-leaning, pro-gay bishops in the country, made these comments in an interview with America magazine. “In the weeks since allegations … Read more

Cardinal McCarrick and the Gay Mafia: Corruption of Clergy Now Rivals the Age of the Borgias

The scandal of Cardinal McCarrick’s record of sexual abuse of seminarians and of minor children is sending waves of horror through the Church, as Catholics increasingly meditate on its disturbing implications. It is now clear that McCarrick’s reputation as a sexual predator was widely known in the Catholic hierarchy for decades, and nothing was done … Read more

As Rumors of Sexual Misdeeds Swirled, Cardinal McCarrick Became a Powerful Fundraiser for the Vatican

When Theodore McCarrick arrived in D.C. in 2001 to be the region’s Catholic archbishop, it was clear right away that he was something very rare: a celebrity priest. The vivacious cleric reportedly had spent time with famous Americans such as Bing Crosby and the Hearst family. He was a prolific fundraiser for big-name Catholic groups … Read more

Blase Joseph Cardinal Cupich

Current Role Archbishop of Chicago Official Web Site: www.archchicago.org Mailing Address: 835 N. Rush Street, Chicago, IL 60611-2030, USA Telephone: (312)534-8200 What Has Been Reported Organizer of the Sexual Abuse Summit in Rome which as been thoroughly discredited as a cover-up operation Protected homosexual subculture while rector at Josephinum Seminary in Columbus, Ohio Knew about … Read more

There Is No ‘Biological Solution’ to the Catholic Church’s Spiritual Crisis

What we were talking about had a name in Catholic circles. It was called “the biological solution.” Roughly speaking, it meant that priests attached to the reforming visions and the theological fads of mid 20th century would, by the simple process of aging and dying, be replaced by the younger, more tradition-minded, and less morally … Read more