Bishop Serratelli Threatens To Sue Life Site News

Lawyers representing New Jersey bishop Arthur Serratelli have threatened LifeSiteNews over our July 24 reportthat highlighted the bishop’s alleged refusal to discipline an active priest in the diocese despite multiple accusations of sexual misconduct against him. Based on the evidence we have seen, which includes almost a dozen documents and various testimonies from those close … Read more

SPECIAL REPORT: Bishop Serratelli Accused of Homosexual Activity and Cover-Up

A New Jersey Catholic bishop — one of Theodore McCarrick’s creations — is protecting and promoting homosexual predator clergy and sources tell Church Militant he is lovers with one of those priests he is protecting — all part of what Abp. Viganò calls the corrupt homosexual mafia running the Church. Hello. I’m Michael Voris. Welcome … Read more

Is Bishop Serratelli Ignoring Evidence of Priests’ Active Homosexuality?

Editor’s note: In spite of repeated requests for comment or explanation over the course of several weeks, the bishop, priests and various diocesan personnel involved in this report refused to explain the evidence of these priests’ homosexual relationship or reassure Church Militant that the bishop would investigate the matter. As of press time, both priests … Read more

Business as Usual in the ‘Church of Nice’

n September of this year, Kenneth Lasch, a retired monsignor from the New Jersey diocese of Paterson, went public with his story of ignored whistle-blowing against a priest still serving in Paterson. Both the Boston Globe and CNN told Lasch’s story without naming the priest to whom Lasch was referring. They reported Lasch’s charges and his complaint … Read more

What a Web Theodore McCarrick Weaved

And his cronies, even at this late hour, still practice to deceive. Ever since Theodore McCarrick’s exposure as a molester earlier this year, his cronies, patrons, and protectors have downplayed his squalid crimes. Cardinal Donald Wuerl, his successor who sent underlings to work for him even after learning of an investigation into his abuse, pooh-poohed … Read more

Bishop Arthur Joseph Serratelli

Current Role Retired Bishop of Patterson, New Jersey Official Web Site: Mailing Address: Diocesan Center, 777 Valley Road, Clifton, NJ 07013, USA Telephone: (973)777-8818 Fax: 777-8976 What’s Been Reported Ordained a priest in the Archdiocese of Newark in 1968. Served as a diocesan priest under Theodore McCarrick for 14 years (1986-2000). Taught scripture at … Read more

Cardinal McCarrick’s Network

One obvious next step in the Cardinal McCarrick story is uncovering more victims of his abuse. We now know of two. I would bet that there will surely be more. But that’s not the most interesting or important part of the story. The key now is to uncover the networks within the clergy and episcopate. … Read more