Viganò Blasts Vatican’s Secretariat for Communications for Misrepresenting Jesus as “a Sick Person, a Prisoner of Rigidity”

Spadaro’s words are like a puddle of sewage containing the scum of the worst Modernism that has been plaguing the Church for more than a century. It is the Modernism that was never definitively eradicated from seminaries and self-styled Catholic universities, to which a sect of heretics and those who are misguided has erected the … Read more

Vigano’s Testimony May Have Just Foiled The Vatican’s Plan To Bury The US Abuse Crisis

Two confidants of Pope Francis – Father Antonio Spadaro, S.J and the journalist Andrea Tornielli – have both sent out messages in recent days that Catholic faithful should not expect to hear more from the Pope concerning the abuse crisis in the U.S. after his earlier 20 August letter. Papal “ghostwriter” Spadaro says it is … Read more