More Bishops Publicly Out Themselves As Pro-LGBT

14 bishops have now signed a statement insinuating that God created same-sex attraction in people and that such attraction is healthy and normal. Fourteen U.S. Catholic bishops, one of them a cardinal, have added their names to a statement in partnership with a pro-homosexual advocacy group in support of young people who identify as LGBT, … Read more

Arkansas Bishop Refuses to Support Gender-Transition Ban Hailed by Christians for Protecting Kids

Catholic News Agency reports that the legislature of Arkansas on April 6 overrode a veto from the governor of a bill outlawing gender-transition procedures, including surgeries and hormone treatments, for minors in the state. The Alliance Defending Freedom, a Christian legal group, praised the bill’s passage as a protective measure for children in the state. … Read more

Bishop Taylor Requires Choir Members, Communion Ministers Be ‘Fully Vaccinated’

While Arkansas rescinded its mask mandate, Bishop Anthony B. Taylor of Little Rock declared masks ‘obligatory’ and vaccines required as churches have their ‘own dynamics.’ The first bishop in the United States to cancel all public Masses has now barred lay people from delivering Communion to the sick, and choir members from singing in Mass, … Read more

WATCH: Fr. Altman Rebukes Bishop Anthony Taylor   During his Divine Mercy Sunday homily, Fr. James Altman demonstrates one of the Spiritual Works of Mercy – rebuking the sinner.  Fr. Altman stated Jesus often used examples of good people and bad people when teaching his followers.  One of Jesus’ favorite group of people to rebuke where the clergy of his day.  … Read more

Bishop Taylor: It’s ‘Problematic’ for Priests to Give Sacrament of Sick to Coronavirus Sufferers

The first bishop in the United States to cancel all public Masses up to and including Easter Sunday is Bishop Anthony B. Taylor of Little Rock, Arkansas. He also suggested that it “would be problematic” to anoint the sick if they are infected by the coronavirus. In a letter sent out to Catholics in his … Read more