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Ask Pope Francis To Hold Bishops Accountable

Your Holiness Pope Francis,

Whereas Theodore McCarrick\'s alleged sexual abuse of minors, seminarians and priests occurred over the span of nearly three decades;

Whereas McCarrick’s alleged abuse resulted in trauma and psychological damage to his victims;

Whereas McCarrick’s alleged actions were grievous sins and sacrilege that have created a great scandal for the Catholic Church;

Whereas McCarrick’s alleged actions were widely known by many clergy and laity;

Whereas bishops in a position of authority have a moral duty to stop a cleric who is a sexual predator;

Whereas sexual abuse claims have now cost the Catholic Church in the United States well over $4 billion;

Whereas the United States Catholic episcopacy has proven it is unable to police itself when it comes to the issue of sexual abuse;

Now therefore, I do hereby respectfully request:

The appointment of an independent tribunal with discovery and enforcement powers to investigate every diocese and religious congregation in the United States for evidence of complicity in the crimes and cover-up clerical sexual misconduct;

The referral of all abusers to secular authorities for criminal prosecution; and

The removal of bishops who failed to fulfill their duty to stop the abuse.

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