Why Cardinal Pell Is Vindicated by Cardinal Becciu’s Firing

As Cardinal Pell arrives in Rome this week after three years in Australia, a look at the counterpoint between the cardinal’s return and Cardinal Becciu’s fall. An important, but not the primary, consequence of the stunning sacking of Cardinal Angelo Becciu is that it completes on the Vatican side what was accomplished by the Australian … Read more

Why Pope Francis’ Appointment of Cardinal Tagle Is Significant

Did Pope Francis just name his successor? Much of the commentary about the appointment of Cardinal Luis Tagle, until now archbishop of Manila, to the Congregation for the Evangelization of Peoples put that question in first or second place. That’s speculation — about which, more later — but the appointment on its own merits is … Read more

Pan-Amazon Synod Was a Done Deal 5 Years Ago

Married priests — and perhaps women deacons — are on the way. The Synod of Bishops on the Pan-Amazon Region comes to a conclusion, with the participants voting on the final report on Saturday. How and when the Church in the Amazon (and elsewhere?) will get there will be left deliberately ambiguous, but the end … Read more

How John Paul II’s Great Encyclical Is Being Erased From History

At the heart of the controversy over the dismantling of the John Paul II Institute in Rome is the effective sacking of two leading moral theologians, Mgr Livio Melina and Fr José Noriega, who held the chairs of fundamental and special moral theology respectively. Indeed, it’s worse than just sacking them, which is very hard … Read more

Vatican Vindicates Viganò?

According to the organisers, the recent Vatican sexual abuse summit was aimed at changing a mindset more than specific procedural reforms. Yet the legal reforms announced last week for the Vatican City State may prompt a wide-ranging shift in the culture in the Roman Curia and the Holy See’s diplomatic corps. Indeed, it might be … Read more

Vatican Financial Reform is in Tatters

Frustration has been widely expressed at the lack of progress on sexual abuse reform. But on finances, things are getting worse There is a classic episode of Yes Minister in which Jim Hacker is exasperated that a newly built hospital is fully staffed with some 500 administrators and ancillary staff, but the bureaucracy has decided … Read more

A New Day Dawning for Retired Bishops

Will Los Angeles revisit the Cardinal Mahony file in light of Bishop Bambera’s action in Scranton? In the maelstrom of news on sexual abuse, it may not be immediately noted for the significant step that it is, but the decision of Bishop Joseph Bambera of Scranton, Pennsylvania, to “permanently restrict” his predecessor, Bishop James Timlin, “from representing … Read more

What Would a Brother Bishop Say to Ex-Cardinal McCarrick?

In regards to Archbishop Theodore McCarrick, various bishops have begun to comment. Here is what I would hope one of them might privately say directly to the ex-cardinal, who should not be a passive actor in all of this. Dear Ted, I presume we can dispense with titles, especially now that you have dispensed with your cardinalatial one. … Read more

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