Eradicating the McCarrick Virus

Two years after the former cardinal’s sexual predilections were revealed, the Vatican still hasn’t released its report. It has now been two years since Pope Francis accepted Theodore McCarrick’s resignation from the College of Cardinals, shortly after allegations of his sexual abuse of a minor and evidence of other sexual exploitations first detonated into public … Read more

The Catholic Church Yet Again Fails to Account for its Victims

A FEATURE of the Catholic Church’s rippling sexual abuse scandal is that past predations and coverups are often revealed by journalists, government authorities or victims and their advocates, but rarely by the church itself. That has been the case whether the alleged abusers were small-town priests, prominent bishops or the most renowned of the church’s … Read more

NCR EDITORS: More Answers Are Urgently Needed in the Ongoing McCarrick Scandal

It has now been a year since the devastating scandal surrounding the sexual misconduct by former Cardinal Theodore McCarrick exploded into public view, disastrously undermining the credibility of the Catholic Church in the United States and eroding the confidence of faithful Catholics in their own shepherds’ leadership. And while some remedial actions have been taken, … Read more

Buffalo Police Aided and Abetted Molestation by Priests

It was a conspiracy and someone should pay. Attorney General Letitia James is the one to make sure it happens. As disturbing as it is to know that Buffalo police and the Catholic Church were engaged in a depraved and illegal policy to shield priests from criminal prosecution, it doesn’t really come as a surprise. … Read more

Two Steps Forward and One Step Back Won’t Cleanse the Catholic Church

THE ESSENTIAL problem that gave rise to decades of clergy sex abuse in the Roman Catholic Church was that bishops, whose authority over their domains is all but absolute, were too often complicit in enabling pedophile priests, covering up their crimes, and looking the other way as countless young victims were raped, molested, harassed and … Read more

Confronting Troubling Questions Ahead of February Bishops’ Meeting

Time is short for concrete actions and authentic reforms. We cannot afford another missed opportunity. The Holy See announced in September that Pope Francis would focus all of the energies and proposals in dealing with the growing global clergy sex-abuse crisis on one event: the gathering in Rome of the presidents of the world’s episcopal … Read more

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