Did Francis Lie About McCarrick?

The McCarrick Report suggests Francis lied about about “knowing nothing”, once again vindicating Archbishop Viganò’s original testimony. The newly released, long-awaited November 10 “McCarrick report” indicates that Pope Francis was not to be blamed for the fact that he did not restrain then-Cardinal Theodore McCarrick in his activities in international affairs and church politics. The … Read more

Archbishop Viganò: Our Lady Warned of ‘Great Apostasy’ in Church Followed by Risk of World War III

Archbishop Carlo Maria Viganò, in an interview with LifeSiteNews, explains the history of the apparitions of Our Lady in Civitavecchia, Italy which took place 25 years ago. During these miraculous events, Our Lady referred back to her apparitions and messages in Fatima, and she warned that Satan is out to destroy the family. Additionally, Our … Read more

Pope Benedict Links Homosexual ‘Marriage’ and Abortion to Spiritual Power of Anti-Christ

Pope Emeritus Benedict XVI linked the dominance of “homosexual marriage” and “abortion” in the world — such that it brooks no dissent without fear of punishment — to the “spiritual power of the Anti-Christ” in a new biography. “One hundred years ago,” Benedict stated in the biography by Peter Seewald, “everybody would have considered it … Read more

Pope Francis Confidant: Sunday Mass Obligation Isn’t ‘Indispensable’ – It ‘Could Fall’

Archbishop Víctor Manuel Fernández, a papal ghostwriter and personal confidant of Pope Francis, said in a recent interview that the precept of the Catholic Church that Catholics go to church on Sundays and Holy Days of obligation “is not indispensable” and could “fall.” At the same time, Fernández also mentions the Sacrament of Penance, saying … Read more

SURPRISE! Latin American Bishops To Ask Pope For Married Priests

Close collaborators of the Pope made it clear that Francis’ post-synodal exhortation Querida Amazonia did not close the door to the married priesthood. Monsignor Pirmin Spiegel, the head of the German bishops’ relief agency Misereor, announced at a press conference of the German Bishops’ Conference today that certain bishops of Latin America will soon ask … Read more

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