Former Cheyenne Bishop Skates on Abuse Charges

The Vatican has exonerated Bishop Joseph H. Hart, emeritus of Cheyenne, Wyoming, on seven counts of child sexual abuse. The Congregation for the Doctrine of the Faith, which handled the canonical process, also said five other accusations “could not be proven with moral certitude.” The accusations against the 89-year-old Bishop Hart involved 11 victims who … Read more

Accusations of Grave Mishandling of Abuse Case Across Church Jurisdictions

A priest of the Archdiocese of Philadelphia, Fr Kevin McGoldrick, is quietly seeking voluntary laicization after that archdiocese investigated a claim he sexually assaulted a young woman who had been in his spiritual charge. The Philadelphia archdiocese determined the allegation to be credible roughly seven months after they received it directly from the victim. The … Read more

Why is the Vatican Keeping Bishop Scharfenberger in the Dark?

Bishop Edward Scharfenberger of Albany, New York, is in a tough spot. Appointed apostolic administrator of the Diocese of Buffalo after the resignation of Bishop Richard Malone, Bishop Scharfenberger is the public face of the Church in a place riddled with scandal and in dire need of urgent repair. But he apparently has little power to effect reform and little information with … Read more

Could Financial Scandal Isolate the Holy See?

The Holy See is caught in a financial scandal that has seen it suspended from the information-sharing network of the world’s premier financial intelligence club. Some of the players in that scandal are tied to other murky financial doings. If the Holy See doesn’t get a handle on the business – and soon – the … Read more

New Questions Emerge Over Apostolic Visitation in Buffalo

Whistleblowers were discouraged from bringing counsel to their interview sessions As the US bishops begin their plenary meeting in Baltimore, Maryland, the Catholic bishops of New York are in Rome for their ad limina visits. Among them are Bishop Richard J Malone of Buffalo, and Bishop Nicholas DiMarzio of Brooklyn, who has recently concluded a … Read more

Amazon Synod: Where We Are After Week One

Priestly celibacy, the role of women, and Scalfari’s latest claims: this has been an intense week at the Vatican The working sessions at the synod assembly broke for lunch on Friday morning, with Synod Fathers still in the small groups into which they split the previous day. It is in these groups that a lot … Read more

Viganò Corroboration #14: Homosexual Abuse in Vatican Seminary

Vatican City’s chief prosecutor has handed down criminal indictments against two priests in connection with sexual abuse allegedly committed at the Preseminario Pio X, a minor seminary located inside Vatican City. The Press Office of the Holy See announced the formal charges on Tuesday afternoon, in a statement that named two men: the accused abuser, … Read more

Vos Estis: Why Crookston but not Buffalo?

US Church authorities seem hesitant to test the new Vatican law Interesting times got more interesting this week, when the Archdiocese of St Paul-Minneapolis confirmed to the Catholic News Agency that the Congregation for Bishops has authorised an investigation into the conduct of a sitting bishop, Michael Hoeppner of Crookston, Minnesota, under the procedures outlined in Pope … Read more

Cardinal Dolan Considering Options Over Scandal-Hit Buffalo Diocese

The Catholic Herald has learned that the Archdiocese of New York is closely monitoring the crisis in the Diocese of Buffalo, and that broad consultations are ongoing, with a view to possible action. The embattled Bishop of Buffalo, Richard J. Malone, faced several new calls for his resignation last week and over the weekend, including … Read more

Will Rome Finally Intervene In The Troubled Diocese Of Buffalo?

The diocese is embroiled in allegations of cover-ups, morally ambiguous behaviour and serious dysfunction The protracted crisis in the US Diocese of Buffalo has piqued Rome’s interest, as many of Buffalo’s 727,000 Catholics have lost confidence in Bishop Richard J Malone’s ability to lead them, and not a few have abandoned the practice of the … Read more

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