Sex Abuser David Haas’ Deep Ties to Saginaw Diocese

(Warning: graphic content) Catholic composer David Haas, accused of raping and abusing numerous victims over the course of four decades, had numerous links to predator clergy in the diocese of Saginaw, Michigan. Saginaw has been the center of a major criminal investigation of multiple accused clergy, including convicted pedophile Fr. Robert DeLand. The 22-page report details Haas’ 40-year track record … Read more

Whistleblower Sues Saginaw Diocese

An employee of the diocese of Saginaw, Michigan is suing after suffering retaliation for blowing the whistle on sex abuse. Gabriel Villarreal has worked maintenance for the diocese for 26 years. In February 2018, his teenaged son informed him that Fr. Robert DeLand tried to sexually assault him at St. Agnes parish, where DeLand was … Read more

Hearing Is Believing

Church Militant’s investigative report on Saginaw predator priest Robert DeLand provides the public with an invaluable tutorial in grooming by a predator priest. Listening to the audio tapes of the chilling and clever manipulation by DeLand of his teen male victim reinforces the uniquely diabolical nature of priestly predation. DeLand shrewdly weaves his lewd and salacious language with … Read more

A Rare Look Inside The Mind of a Homosexual Predator Priest

  What you are going to hear in this report is deeply disturbing, the voice of a priest, ordained to save souls, using his spiritual authority to destroy. But keep in mind, this very thing has happened thousands and thousands of times, as hurting or confused teenage boys are lured into a world of darkness by homopredator priests. … Read more

Michigan Prosecutors Release Disgusting Audio Recordings From Case Against Former Priest Robert DeLand

TV5 has obtained secret audio recordings after former priest Robert DeLand pleaded no contest to sexual assault and drug charges in March. TV5 filed a Freedom of Information Act request and prosecutors showed James Felton all 14 hours of secret recordings they had on DeLand. A warning: Some viewers may find these tapes disturbing. There … Read more

Saginaw Priest Pleads No Contest to Sexually Assaulting Male Teen

Fr. Robert DeLand likely to get 2–15 years prison time In a surprise move, Fr. Robert DeLand has pleaded no contest to sexual assault of a male minor. Last week in his first trial, the Saginaw, Michigan priest was found not guilty of attempted sexual assault  and criminal sexual conduct involving two male minors. Law enforcement told Church … Read more

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