McCarrick Legacy and Abuse Continues

The results of the much-awaited McCarrick Report came as no surprise. The results were similar to what former President Bill Clinton’s lawyers might have prepared had they been tasked with investigating allegations that their boss was having an affair with a White House intern. From the very beginning, people were naïve to believe that Vatican investigators who report to Pope Francis would … Read more

Massive Cover-Up of Sexual Predation in the Church?

The following letter was authored by Gene Thomas Gomulka Rev. Msgr., CAPT, CHC, USN (Ret.). He is a retired Navy Captain/Chaplain who served on active duty at Marine Corps and Navy commands for over 24 years. Father (Monsignor) Gomulka and Dominican Fr. Thomas Doyle had their ecclesiastical endorsements revoked as a result of their support … Read more

Its Back to Work at the Vatican for Argentine Bishop Accused of Sexual Misconduct

As the Vatican resumed its activities after the two-month COVID-19 coronavirus lockdown, Crux has confirmed an Argentinian bishop suspended over allegations of sexual misconduct with seminarians quietly went back to work. Bishop Gustavo Zanchetta was appointed by Francis to the Administration of the Patrimony of the Apostolic See (APSA), which functions as the Vatican’s central … Read more

WATCH: Bishop Befriended by Pope Francis Appears in Argentine Court on Sexual Abuse Allegations   Gustavo Zanchetta, who was accused of sexual abuse and transferred to the Vatican at the end of 2017, appeared before a Argentine judge on Wednesday.  The judge notified him about the conformation of the court that will judge him, according to judicial sources. Zanchetta is charged with the sexual assault of two seminarians. … Read more

Money Wars At the Vatican

It is unthinkable that the charges of the IOR were made without the pope’s assent. During the same days in which Pope Francis is in Thailand and Japan to preach peace, at the Vatican there is a war of all against all, on questions of money. Before departing, the pope had announced two key appointments. … Read more

WATCH: Has Pope Francis Been Harboring a Sexual Predator?

Did you think the McCarrick case hurt Pope Francis’ reputation as a reformer? The Zanchetta case is far more damaging. In January I wrote that the prosecution of Bishop Gustavo Oscar Zanchetta was potentially “a fatal blow to the Pope’s reputation as a reformer,” since it was Pope Francis—clearly, unequivocally, personally—who promoted and protected the … Read more

Vatican Tells Argentinian Court Accused Bishop Has Job in Rome, Despite Being Suspended

Despite being investigated for allegations of having sexually abused two seminarians, an Argentinian bishop close to the pope has once again been allowed by a judge to travel to Rome. The judge said that Bishop Gustavo Zanchetta has “collaborated” with the investigation and has a document from the Vatican saying he must return to Rome … Read more

Ex-Seminarian Tells Sordid Story of Papal Ally’s Argentine Past

For some months now, the scandal surrounding Argentine Bishop Gustavo Zanchetta, a friend of Pope Francis brought by the pontiff to Rome and given a key position in the Vatican’s financial colossus just as abuse charges were exploding back home, has taken center stage in terms of Vatican news. Few, however, are likely to have … Read more

Pope Francis Knew About Zanchetta

Among the biggest of the pieces that dropped in the major Papal interview with Noticieros Televisa’s long-time Vaticanologist, Valentina Alazraki and the document dump on which Crux and CBS jointly reported, was the one about Pope Francis’s knowledge of the character and proclivities of his old acquaintance, the disgraced former bishop of Óran, Gustavo Zanchetta. … Read more

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