Cardinal Becciu Covertly Channeled Money to Australia

An Italian newspaper reported that Vatican prosecutors have received allegations that the funds were transferred after Cardinal George Pell returned there to face sexual abuse charges. Vatican prosecutors are investigating allegations that Cardinal Giovanni Angelo Becciu funneled 700,000 euro through the apostolic nunciature in Australia — an action that one Italian newspaper suggests could be … Read more

Why Cardinal Pell Is Vindicated by Cardinal Becciu’s Firing

As Cardinal Pell arrives in Rome this week after three years in Australia, a look at the counterpoint between the cardinal’s return and Cardinal Becciu’s fall. An important, but not the primary, consequence of the stunning sacking of Cardinal Angelo Becciu is that it completes on the Vatican side what was accomplished by the Australian … Read more

Pell Now Faces a Vatican Inquiry Into Child Abuse Allegations

How much more persecution will this man have to endure? Cardinal George Pell now faces a Church inquiry into allegations of sexually assaulting children, even though the High Court of Australia dramatically quashed his earlier convictions. Following the cardinal’s conviction by a jury, which became public in February 2019, the Vatican opened a case against … Read more

Cardinal Pell Is Innocent – Those Who Persecute Him Are Not

The boiling frog never marks that first millisecond, when the water in his pot becomes just a half-degree warmer. And so, Catholics living in America circa 2019 couldn’t possibly appreciate the magnitude of what happened this week in Australia. Yet I have no doubt my grandsons will. Here are the facts. In December of 2018, Cardinal … Read more

Vatican Financial Reform is in Tatters

Frustration has been widely expressed at the lack of progress on sexual abuse reform. But on finances, things are getting worse There is a classic episode of Yes Minister in which Jim Hacker is exasperated that a newly built hospital is fully staffed with some 500 administrators and ancillary staff, but the bureaucracy has decided … Read more

Suppression Order Lifted on Cardinal Pell Trial

A court in Melbourne has lifted a suppression order on a trial of Cardinal George Pell, revealing that the Australian prelate was found guilty of historical sexual offenses in December but also that a second trial against him has now been dropped. As the third-highest ranking Vatican official, Cardinal Pell is the most senior Church … Read more

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