Is this the Notorious McCarrick Beach House?

People familiar with the Theodore McCarrick sex scandal have heard about the notorious “beach house” he alleged used to lure young seminarians and priests into sexual encounters.  According to news reports, McCarrick’s beach house was located in Sea Girt, New Jersey.  “It was a small, simple house, some six blocks from the ocean — a … Read more

NJ Woman Recounts Alleged Abuse by former Metuchen Diocese Priest

When Susan Bisaha heard Cardinal Theodore McCarrick was suspended for sexual abuse allegations, she knew what she had to do: Share her story. Bisaha, a former Fords resident and Diocese of Metuchen congregant, said she was sexually abused by a priest in Central Jersey for nearly a decade. Some of the instances of alleged abuse, … Read more

Which McCarrick Network Domino Will Be the First to Fall – And Where Will it Lead?

By now, Catholics the world over are sick of hearing about the not-so-secret life of Cardinal Theodore McCarrick. Stories that involve unwanted touching of minors and seminarians, strange costumes, familial nicknames, and the Cardinal demanding that young men share his bed. Stories that involve “gay sex parties at the bishop’s residence”, and other things we’d … Read more

Cardinal McCarrick: Everybody Knew

Remember how, after Harvey Weinstein was busted as a serial sexual abuser, it emerged that a whole lot of people knew this about Weinstein, but never said anything about it? The same thing is true about Cardinal Theodore McCarrick, who was outed today (by the Catholic Church) as having sexually abused a minor years ago. … Read more

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