Austrian Bishops Commissioned Book Calling Homosexual Relationships ‘Image of God’s Goodness’

A new book commissioned by the Austrian bishops argues that homosexual relationships come from God, revealing God’s “goodness and humanity.” The book calls upon the Church to change her teaching against homosexuality and to bless homosexual relationships. According to liturgical scholar Fr. Ewald Vollger OT, who contributed to the book, changing Church teaching on homosexuality … Read more

Cardinal Schönborn Defends Pachamama as ‘Mother of Life…Archetype’ that has ‘Place in Christianity’

Christoph Cardinal Schönborn has defended the use of Pachamama at the Amazon synod, which ran last October, calling the statue of the naked woman with child a “pro-life” archetype “which naturally has its place in Christianity.” In a wide-ranging Dec. 18 interview with Austrian weekly newspaper “Die Furche,” the archbishop of Vienna mentioned some topics … Read more

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