Archbishop Viganò: Rupnik Report Shows ‘Heretics’ and ‘Perverts’ Enjoy ‘Total Impunity’ under Bergoglio

The declarations of the Vicariate of Rome on the Aletti Centre (the company that produces Father Marko Rupnik’s expensive and horrendous mosaics) and its founder leave one baffled and scandalized. The Vatican sends commissaries and apostolic visitors to anyone who gives even a timid sign of fidelity to Catholic tradition, without giving justifications, without stating … Read more

Living in a Messy Church

Pope Francis wanted a mess; Pope Francis got a mess. The recent news that he will ask for Bishop Joseph Strickland’s resignation is just the latest example. But like a bad infomercial that continually promises even more features, “That’s not all!” Cardinal-designate Archbishop Víctor Manuel Fernández, the new head of the dicastery in charge of … Read more

WATCH: Bishop Strickland Says We Must be Constantly Vigilant in Guarding the Deposit of Faith

Bishop Joseph Strickland challenged Catholics to “constant vigilance” in prayer and guarding the deposit of faith while encouraging them to stay joyful during a recent conference in his home diocese. During this year’s “Defending Our Faith Catholic Conference” in Tyler, Texas, Bishop Strickland stressed that because we are living in a time of great mendacity … Read more

Solum Magisterium?

How can the Church reconcile the teaching that the magisterium is a servant of the Word of God (“Magisterium verbum Dei ministrant”) and not above that Word (“non supra verbum Dei”), as Dei Verbum states (§10), with the presumption, as recently expressed in an interview with Edward Pentin by Cardinal-designate Archbishop Victor Manuel Fernández, that … Read more

Bergoglio to the Rescue? Diocese of Rome Praises Rupnik Center, Casts Doubts on Excommunication

Despite being expelled in July from his Jesuit order over charges of sexual, spiritual and psychological abuse, famed Slovenian artist Father Marko Rupnik’s base of operations in Rome has drawn a clean bill of health from the pope’s diocese, which praised his Centro Aletti for fostering “a healthy community life free of particular critical issues.” … Read more

Australian Bishop Preyed On Aboriginal Boys And Young Men

The former Bishop of Broome, Christopher Saunders, allegedly sexually assaulted four youths, a Papal investigation has revealed. According to 7NEWS, an investigation ordered by Pope Francis, called a Vos Estis Lux Mundi (meaning “You Are the Light of the World”), found that Saunders, 73, likely sexually assaulted four youths and potentially groomed another 67. The … Read more

WATCH: Bishop Schneider Says Catholics ‘Cannot Obey’ if the Synod on Synodality Issues False Teachings

  Bishop Athanasius Schneider has again expressed grave concern about the upcoming Synod on Synodality and strongly urged Catholics to disobey any erroneous proposals or heretical teachings emerging from the meetings. In a wide-ranging Questions and Answers interview with Christopher P. Wendt on the Confraternity of Our Lady of Fatima forum on September 13, Bishop … Read more

Fernández Outlines His Distorted Vision as the Vatican’s New Doctrinal Chief

In an extensive new interview published Thursday, Archbishop Victor Manuel Fernández has outlined his vision as prefect of the Dicastery for the Doctrine of the Faith, one that places an emphasis on engaging contemporary culture and real-life experiences, and stressing the importance of charity in both moral theology and theological reflection. Speaking to La Civilta … Read more

WATCH: Is Pope Francis Really the Pope?

On this week’s special episode of Faith & Reason, guest hosts Father Charles Murr and LifeSiteNews senior editor Dorothy Cummings McLean join John-Henry Westen to react to Father James Altman’s video on the pontificate of Pope Francis, discussing the possibility that Francis is not Pope. Fr. Murr, recounting conversations he has had privately with fellow … Read more