Why Doesn’t Francis Simply Refute Claims of Homosexual Predation?

In the past period people have noted how Pope Francis has uttered slurs about homosexuals, calling them faggots and the like, but has it occurred to them why? It’s a diversionary tactic. Francis knew that Archbishop Viganò was making ready to expose the truth about his gay-friendly activity, so he’s pretending he doesn’t like gays … Read more

Rhetoric vs. Reality in the Synod’s Working Document

Some Catholics may be reassured to learn that the working document for 2024 meeting the Synod on Synodality does not touch the most controversial issues that have been debated during months of preparations for the October session. But a closer reading of the instrumentum laboris reveals a frightening gap between the aspirations of the Synod … Read more

WATCH: Canadian Archdiocese Ordered To Pay $104 Million To Abuse Victims

  The Roman Catholic Church has been ordered to pay settlements totalling $104 million to 292 survivors of historical abuse in Newfoundland and Labrador, including those at the now infamous Mount Cashel orphanage in St. John’s. The decision Friday was met with relief, hurt and even grief by survivors who’ve endured a decades-long fight for … Read more

The Jesuits Come Home to Roost

Pope Francis née Jorge Mario Bergoglio, who practices an ecclesiology tailored to the spirit of the times, could easily be mistaken as Joe Biden in a white cassock and skull cap. They share an imperious disposition that takes delight in overturning or diminishing the decrees of their predecessors, overregulate their administrations with orders and encyclicals, … Read more

‘I Didn’t Lie’ But ‘I Was Not Honest,’ Peña Parra Tells UK Court

The sostituto of the Secretariat of State faced tough questions in a London court last week, testifying in a lawsuit filed by the Vatican department’s former investment manager, Raffaele Mincione, in which attorneys argued that Vatican officials had made ethical breaches as they managed investment projects. From the witness stand, the papal chief of staff … Read more

Bishop Strickland: The Vatican Is More Interested In Silencing Viganò Than Addressing His Allegations

We find ourselves at a strange moment in Church history when Archbishop Viganò is excommunicated swiftly while Theodore McCarrick remains unexcommunicated after years of his crimes against the Church have come to light. We should look closely at a Vatican that operates in this manner. Rather than addressing the serious questions and allegations Archbishop Viganò … Read more

‘Traditionis Custodes’ Has Generated Division, Not Unity

Three years after the promulgation of the motu proprio Traditionis Custodes, imposing severe restrictions on the celebration of the Mass in Latin, controversy over the use of the old Latin Mass is as strong as ever. Therefore, if Pope Francis’ text was intended to bring some measure of peace to the liturgy wars by increasing … Read more

Viganò to Bishops: ‘If You are Silent, the Stones Will Cry Out’

Archbishop Viganò has responded to the Vatican’s declaration of schism and latae sententiae excommunication, saying that the “guilt” he is accused of confirms “the Catholic Faith I integrally profess” while urging his brother bishops to speak out. In a social media statement on July 5, the former U.S. Nuncio Archbishop Carlo Maria Viganò gave a … Read more