An Exposé of High-Ranking Gay Catholic Clergy Bears the Fingerprints of Team Francis

The publication of In the Closet of the Vatican by the French gay polemicist Frédéric Martel has been meticulously timed to coincide with Pope Francis’s ‘global summit’ of bishops to discuss the sexual abuse of minors. The book appeared in eight languages on Thursday morning, just as the gathering began. It is being hyped as a ‘bombshell’ … Read more

The New York Times Pushes a Tired and Flawed Gay Priest Narrative

In its recent Sunday edition, America’s newspaper of record ran a front-page article on the challenges facing gay Catholic priests titled “A Silent Crisis for Gay Priests.” It is the most recent specimen of the journalistic genre of suffering-gay-Catholic-priests-in-an-unwelcoming-Church. The narrative is well-known by now: a Church which fails to welcome gay priests, whose leaders … Read more

Viganò Issues Message to Pope and Bishops on Opening Day of Sex Abuse Summit

Archbishop Carlo Maria Viganò has written an open message to Pope Francis and presidents of episcopal conferences around the world, who are gathered in Rome for the opening of a Vatican summit on clerical sex abuse. Here below is the full text of Archbishop Viganò’s message, issued on the liturgical memorial of St. Peter Damien. *** We cannot avoid seeing as … Read more

Roots of The Priestly Abuse Scandal

This is the first in a series on the roots of the priestly abuse scandal. I know, a sad and depressing topic. But we have to “go there” if we want to “get there.” Father Paul Sullins, PhD, author and professor emeritus of sociology at the Catholic University of America, has done us all a … Read more

The Coming Global Storm

Many people – even many Catholics – who only follow Church matters vaguely, have been puzzled by the Vatican’s conspicuous lack of a sense of urgency about the sexual abuse crisis. Yes, there’s a “summit” on abuse that starts today, but only after months and with a program that looks very carefully stage-managed to keep … Read more

‘The Pope Ignored Them’: Alleged Abuse of Deaf Children on Two Continents Points to Vatican Failings

When investigators swept in and raided the religious Antonio Provolo Institute for the Deaf, they uncovered one of the worst cases yet among the global abuse scandals plaguing the Catholic Church: a place of silent torment where prosecutors say pedophiles preyed on the most isolated and submissive children. The scope of the alleged abuse was … Read more

Pope Francis on Eve of Sex Abuse Summit: Those Who Spend Lives Accusing Church Are ‘Relatives of the Devil’

Those who spend their lives accusing the Church are the “friends, cousins and relatives of the devil,” Pope Francis said on Wednesday, on the eve of the Vatican clergy sex abuse summit. The statement comes as the world’s media is focussed on the Vatican as it tackles accusations of clergy sexual abuse, silence and coverup. In an … Read more

Cardinal Burke: Pope’s Declaration Saying God Wills ‘Diversity of Religions’ is ‘Not Correct’

Cardinal Raymond Burke thinks the controversial statement in a joint Catholic-Muslim declaration signed by Pope Francis in Abu Dhabi earlier this month, which says that God wills a diversity of religions, is wrong and should be removed. The statement “has to be removed from this accord because it’s not correct,” Burke said. The prefect emeritus … Read more