Bishop James Francis Checchio

Current Role Bishop of Metuchen Official Web Site: Mailing Address: P.O. Box 191, Metuchen, NJ 08840; 146 Metlars Lane, Piscataway, NJ 08854, USA Telephone: (732)562-1990 Fax: 562-1399 What’s Been Reported Checchio was rector of the North American College in Rome when McCarrick stayed at the seminary during the conclave in 2013. When a bishop … Read more

“We Have Nothing to Fear from the Truth”: 25 Years of Covering Clergy Sex Abuse

CWR: Based on your experience and reporting, what were the key factors in the clergy abuse scandals? In what way is the current situation different from the early 2000s? Lawler: There were several important factors, coming together at the same time to create a sort of “perfect storm.” The clear teachings of the Church regarding sexuality were … Read more

Catholics Blast Cardinal Wuerl’s ‘Solution’ to the McCarrick Sex Abuse Crisis

Washington Cardinal Donald Wuerl’s proposal to impanel a committee of bishops to investigate mounting allegations and evidence of systemic problems concerning the handling of sexual misconduct within the ranks of the U.S. bishops is being rejected––by esteemed laity as well as a fellow bishop. Bishop Edward B. Scharfenberger of the Diocese of Albany just issued a statement in reaction … Read more

Dissident Pro-LGBT Priest Given Free Rein in Cardinal Tobin’s Archdiocese

On June 24, 2018, at Our Lady of Grace Catholic Church in Hoboken, New Jersey, the Archdiocese of Newark, Fr. Alexander Santora celebrated the Parish’s “first annual gay pride Mass.” At the beginning of Mass, Santora announced that he would offer a “special blessing” for those marching in the New York City gay “Pride” parade, which took place on … Read more

Catholics in Archdiocese of Washington are Conflicted Over Financial Support after McCarrick Sex Scandal

Catholics in the District of Columbia are conflicted about how to continue to support the church after the resignation of former Cardinal Theodore E. McCarrick over reports of sexual abuse. The former archbishop of Washington stepped down from the College of Cardinals one month after a church panel substantiated a report that, as a priest … Read more

Bishop John Mortimer Fourette Smith

Current Role Bishop Emeritus of Trenton, New Jersey Official Web Site: Mailing Address: Chancery Office, 701 Lawrenceville Rd., Trenton, NJ 08648, USA Telephone: (609)406-7448 Fax: 406-7412 What Has Been Reported Smith presided over the sexual abuse settlement involving McCarrick in the Archdiocese of Trenton in 2004. Cardinal Wuerl claims the Archdiocese of Washinton DC was … Read more

This Is What Priests Have Come To Know

Here is an excerpt from the “pastoral reflection” of Cardinal Donald Wuerl, the Archbishop of Washington and immediate successor of Cardinal — sorry, now just “Archbishop” — Theodore McCarrick. It is the cardinal’s Deep Thoughts on the revelation that a prince of the church was an experienced rapist of boys and seminarians: What is particularly disheartening, certainly … Read more

Priest: ‘Evil’ Gay Bishops ‘Persecute, Blackmail’ Faithful Priests Who Might Expose Their Secret

“Evil” homosexual bishops set out to “punish, humiliate and blackmail” decent, God-fearing priests if these threaten to blow the whistle on the gay “mafia” within the Roman Catholic church, says a parish priest. In the bulletin and on the website of the Epiphany of Our Lord Roman Catholic Church, Father Edwin Palka does not mince … Read more

The Theological Roots of the Present Crisis

Bishop Edward B. Scharfenberger of Albany put his finger on the root of the present crisis caused by the McCarrick affair. It is, he said, “sin and a retreat from holiness, specifically the holiness of an integral, truly human sexuality.” He adds immediately: “In negative terms, and as clearly and directly as I can repeat our Church … Read more

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