Albany Bishop: Clerical Sex Abuse a ‘Profoundly Spiritual Crisis’

Bishop Edward Scharfenberger of Albany wrote to the clerics of his local Church Sunday, saying that abuse of authority and sexual abuse by clerics is, more than a crisis of policies and procedures, a spiritual crisis. His comments come amid a scandal centered on Theodore McCarrick, the Archbishop Emeritus of Washington. Last month the Archdiocese … Read more

Clergy Sexual Abuse: The Solution is Now Obvious

In 2004 the Catholic Bishops of the United States ordered a study be made of the problem of sexual abuse by clergy in America. Since this John Jay College of Criminal Justice study on “The Nature and Scope of Sexual Abuse of Minors by Catholic Priests and Deacons in the United States from 1950-2002,” much … Read more

NJ Bishop Protects Predator Priests, Retires in Luxury

When New Jersey Abp. John J. Myers retired in 2017 — with a career scarred by sex abuse settlements and protection of predator priests — he went to live in a lavish estate in upscale Hunterdon County — a 4,500-square-foot home on 8.2 wooded acres, with five bedrooms, two elevators, a swimming pool, whirlpool, three-car garage, three fireplaces, and a … Read more

Why Did the Bishops Allow McCarrick to Draft the 2002 Sex Abuse Policy?

The other shoe has fallen for Cardinal McCarrick and he has been forced to resign from the College of Cardinals. That the resignation took this long is itself another scandal. But, to make the situation perfectly clear — McCarrick’s resignation is not the ending; it marks the beginning of a painful period of self-examination by the … Read more

The Emergent MeToo Clerical Movement

In Catholic circles, the news cycle has been dominated by recent news of several high profile bishops, Cardinal McCarrick and Bishop Pineda foremost among them, who are being publically and forcibly called out for their abuse, sexually and otherwise, of Seminarians and others in their charge throughout the years.  In the case of Cardinal McCarrick especially, the abuse was … Read more

Cardinal Theodore McCarrick Resigns Amid Sexual Abuse Scandal

Acting swiftly to contain a widening sex abuse scandal at the highest levels of the Roman Catholic Church, the pope officially suspended the cardinal from the exercise of any public ministry after receiving his resignation letter Friday evening. Pope Francis also demanded in a statement that the prelate remain in seclusion “until the accusations made … Read more

Leading Churchmen are Denying the Undeniable

A few cardinals have roused themselves to respond to the month-old press disclosures that Cardinal Theodore McCarrick is a pederast, whereas before he was merely well known as a serial sexual harasser. Their response is depressing in the extreme and should make any Catholic or person of good will wish for their immediate, tearful confessions … Read more

Texas Bishop: Hold McCarrick and His Enablers Accountable

Former Cardinal Theodore McCarrick’s alleged crimes might merit removing him from the clergy entirely—and they require accountability for all Church leaders who knew of his alleged misconduct and did nothing, Bishop Michael F. Olson of Fort Worth, Texas has said in a letter to the faithful of his diocese. “The Church needs to do more … Read more

When Bishops Lose Their Authority

While on the scaffold awaiting his execution, St. Thomas More famously declared, “I die the king’s faithful servant, but God’s first.” Throughout the controversy surrounding King Henry’s divorce and remarriage, More was adamant about one thing: he was a servant of the king, and accepted the king’s authority over the land. Although he could not … Read more

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