Synod in Sight: What Ghosts Of The Past Can Tell Us About The Future

Catholics who have not lost sight of the eschatological promise at the heart of Christ’s message are well acquainted with the slanderous label “conspiracy theorist.” Those of us still discerning the “signs of the times,” who are keenly aware of historical typologies, who keep watch of men and their plots, are considered paranoid kooks and … Read more

‘Open Borders’ Pope Claims Europe Does Not Have a Migrant ‘Emergency’ and Impeding Migrant Rescues is ‘Gesture of Hate’

From Sky News: Pope Francis has challenged European leaders to open their ports to people fleeing hardship and poverty, insisting the continent does not face a migration “emergency” but rather a long-term reality governments must deal with humanely. Francis said talk of a migration “emergency” only fuels “alarmist propaganda” and stokes people’s fears. “Those who … Read more

U.S. Bishops Worried Congress Will Stop Funding Their Illegal Invasion Gravy Train

  From Crux: U.S. bishops have consistently opposed the “Secure the Border Act of 2023” and the provisions outlined in the “Continuing Appropriations and Border Enhancement Act of 2024” budget proposal. Broglio said in his letter that the provisions are “counterproductive and harmful.” “My brother bishops and I continue to believe that such provisions would … Read more

Cardinal Müller Defends Bishop Strickland: ‘He Should Definitely Not Resign’

The former Prefect of the Dicastery (formerly Congregation) for the Doctrine of the Faith, Cardinal Gerhard Müller, has issued a strong statement of support for Bishop Joseph Strickland of Tyler, Texas, advising him to “not resign.” In a statement published on September 21, Müller offered his support to Strickland. “It is terrible what is … Read more

WATCH: Another Priest Declares ‘We Must Resist’ Heresy

  In this Sunday Sermon from South Saint Paul, Father breaks down the recent statements of resistance by multiple bishops and cardinals against the Vatican’s Synodal Revolution. Next up, Father delves into the very idea of resisting authority, and explains the foundations for it found in scripture, history, and Church teaching. This humble and charitable … Read more

Francis Makes His Most Audacious Move Yet: Rehabilitating His Friend, Sex Abuser Marko Rupnik

When he was elevated to Pope a decade ago, there was a widespread hope that Pope Francis would take effective steps to remedy the sexual abuse crisis in the Church. It is now clear that Francis has utterly failed in this regard. His Pontifical Academy for the Protection of Minors has fallen apart and lost … Read more