Are U.S. Bishops Complicit in the Trafficking of Migrant Children?

The Catholic Church is one of the largest recipients of government grants and contracts for immigration-related activities in America. The United States Conference of Catholic Bishops (USCCB), which lobbies the government for ever-expanding migrant programs, received over $67 million in migrant-related funding in 2021, it’s second largest source of revenue that year. Likewise, the USCCB … Read more

New Study Reveals Catholic Charities Facilitating Biden’s Border Crisis

The Heritage Foundation’s Oversight Project, and Border Security and Immigration Center, today released new information documenting the scope not just of the Biden border crisis, but the role of non-governmental organizations in facilitating and continuing it. In a new memo titled, “Tracking Movement of Illegal Aliens from NGOs to Interior of USA”, the Oversight Project … Read more

Synodality for the Rest of Us

There has been a lot of talk in the Catholic world over the past year on the concept of synodality—the idea of coming together and agreeing on a path forward by consensus rather than by diktat. The bishops in Germany have been particularly vocal about this as the pathway forward for the Church. And Pope … Read more

Pope Francis Owes Catholics In China An Apology

The Vatican accused Beijing of breaching its agreement by ordaining a bishop for a Chinese diocese not approved by the Vatican. Beijing’s action surprised few because many people, including the Catholics in China and Hong Kong, had warned Pope Francis not to forge this ill-advised agreement with Beijing in the first place. Yet Francis refused to listen. … Read more

WATCH: Priest, Victim of Sexual Abuse, Calls On Bishop Knestout To Resign

Your browser does not support the video tag.   TAKE ACTION: Add your voice to Fr. Kalchick’s by emailing Bishop Knestout AND calling him at 804.359.5661.   Rev. Paul John Kalchik 1117 N. Mozart St. Chicago IL 60622 Most Rev. Barry C. Knestout Bishop of Richmond 7800 Carousel Lane Richmond VA 23294-4201 December 1, … Read more

The Pope’s Shameless Coddling of the Chicoms

Early in his papacy, Pope Francis tweeted out, “Inequality is the root of social evil.” That statement remains a defining moment of his pontificate. Contained in that one remark is a Marxist mindset alien to the Church’s teachings which has animated many of the pope’s worst policies, including his appallingly sympathetic treatment of China’s brutal … Read more

Cardinal Becciu: ‘Francis Wants Me Dead!’

I recently commented on what I found to be some oddities and incongruities in the case of Cardinal Becciu, particularly the behavior and actions of Pope Francis toward Becciu (see What does Cardinal Becciu know about Francis?).  As I note in part in the conclusion of that article: …the actions of Pope Francis toward Cardinal … Read more