Deceased Jesuit Priest Accused of Abusing ‘Hundreds’ of Indigenous Girls

A Spanish Jesuit has been discovered to have documented his abuse of hundreds of Indigenous girls while serving as a missionary in rural Bolivia — atrocities which the Society of Jesus has known about since at least 2019 and did not immediately report to the civil authorities. Jesuit Father Luis María Roma wrote in a … Read more

Another Cardinal Characterizes Biden as a “Cafeteria Catholic”

Despite this wanton degeneracy, Biden still claims to be a Catholic — in fact, his lackeys in the media world often tout him as a “devout Catholic.” But a former Vatican official has a different term to describe America’s most radically pro-abortion President. In a recent speech at the Napa Institute in Washington, D.C., Cardinal … Read more

A New Offensive in the War on Traditional Liturgy

Rome’s rumor mills are buzzing. According to multiple sources, a new Vatican document is being prepared, which would impose still tighter restrictions on the celebration of the Traditional Latin Mass (TLM). If approved in its current form, our informants tell us, the document would bar diocesan priests from celebrating the TLM; only the communities specially … Read more

Vatican’s ‘Trial of the Century’ Heads to British Court

A senior Archbishop is going to make an unprecedented appearance in a British court to be cross-examined over a £350m London property fraud case that saw Pope Francis authorise wire-tapping. In previous British legal proceedings the Vatican has claimed diplomatic immunity and refused to allow officials to appear as witnesses. But now Archbishop Edgar Peña Parra, … Read more

Viganò, Francis and the War on Truth Tellers

The Vatican is drawing outrage from Catholics amid news that Archbishop Carlo Maria Viganò is the target of an extrajudicial criminal Church trial for charges of having “broken communion” with Pope Francis some two weeks after Viganò went public with first-hand knowledge of reports that Francis sexually abused seminarians.  While Viganò is being prosecuted for “schism,” Francis has … Read more

Louisiana Becomes First State to Allow Surgical Castration as Punishment for Child Molesters

Will U.S. Bishops respond? Louisiana has become the first state where judges can order offenders guilty of certain sex crimes against children to undergo surgical castration under a bill signed into law by Republican Gov. Jeff Landry on Tuesday. While the punishment of surgical castration is used in other countries that are known for harsher … Read more

“Queering” the Catholic Church

An article published in The Stream last March featured this headline: “Pope Francis Must Choose: LGBTQ Ideology or Children.” A few days before “Pride Month” began, Francis announced his choice, quietly but blatantly. When the Vatican celebrated World Children’s Day in late May this year — a holiday it created — a male drag performer … Read more

Vatican Communications Prefect: Removing Rupnik Art ‘Not The Christian Response’

The prefect of the Vatican’s Dicastery for Communication told a group of Catholic journalists Friday that removing artwork by disgraced religious artist and alleged serial sexual abuser Fr. Marko Rupnik is “not the Christian response.” “I don’t think we have to throw stones, thinking it is the way of healing someone,” said Paolo Ruffini, according … Read more