‘I Didn’t Lie’ But ‘I Was Not Honest,’ Peña Parra Tells UK Court

The sostituto of the Secretariat of State faced tough questions in a London court last week, testifying in a lawsuit filed by the Vatican department’s former investment manager, Raffaele Mincione, in which attorneys argued that Vatican officials had made ethical breaches as they managed investment projects.

From the witness stand, the papal chief of staff denied being “a liar,” or making his testimony up as he went along.

But Archbishop Edgar Peña Parra admitted to signing off on a five million euro invoice he knew to be “completely fictitious” and told lawyers: “You said that I was not honest. I accept that.”

“You said that was a problem, but for us it was a solution,” the archbishop told High Court of England and Wales July 4, when asked about why he agreed to sign off on millions of euros in alleged extortion payments, as part of the now-infamous London property deal.

Mincione and his companies are asking the court to declare they acted in “good faith” in their dealings with the secretariat, including the 2018 sale of the London building at 60 Sloane Ave.

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