Viganò to Bishops: ‘If You are Silent, the Stones Will Cry Out’

Archbishop Viganò has responded to the Vatican’s declaration of schism and latae sententiae excommunication, saying that the “guilt” he is accused of confirms “the Catholic Faith I integrally profess” while urging his brother bishops to speak out.

In a social media statement on July 5, the former U.S. Nuncio Archbishop Carlo Maria Viganò gave a brief comment regarding the declaration of his latae sentenciae excommunication made by the Vatican earlier in the day.

“What is imputed to me as guilt for my conviction is now on record, confirming the Catholic Faith I integrally profess,” wrote Viganò.

He quoted from Scripture, adding: “To my brethren I say, ‘If you keep silent, the stones will cry out’ (Luke 19:40).” The archbishop attached a copy of the 11-page decree emailed to him by the Vatican today: emailed to him at the same time that it was distributed to the Vatican press corps.

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