The Roman Rainbow Church

When British socialists founded the Fabian Society in 1884, they picked a most appropriate symbol to represent their goal of using gradual means, rather than revolutionary confrontation, to transform their country into a socialist paradise.

That symbol? A wolf wearing a sheepskin.

Such a symbol also would make an appropriate coat of arms for a pope who uses stealth and subterfuge to transform the Catholic Church into the world’s largest LGBTQ+ grooming agency.

As FrontPage Magazine has often reported, Pope Francis is slowly leading the church into a full embrace of gender ideology under the guise of “mercy” and “accompaniment.” Though Francis has criticized gender theory as “ideological colonization,” his appointments expose his duplicity. But two recent events blatantly unmasked Francis’ ultimate goal.

When the Vatican celebrated World Children’s Day — a holiday it created — on May 25, a male drag performer danced in front of children. The performer even exposed his covered buttocks deliberately to them.

That performer, Carmine De Rosa, said on social media that the Vatican officially invited him to perform and knew what his act constituted: “I would like to point out, reading the comments, that I was WANTED at this event FOR THE TYPE OF SHOW I CARRY ON STAGE and for professionalism…But I simply defend MY ART. (Capitals in original)”

One week later, Francis appointed three prelates who support gender ideology to the Dicastery for the Development of Doctrine, the Vatican’s highest theological body. Monsignor Bruno Forte advocates greater acceptance for homosexuality and LGBTQ+ relationships in the church, as well as protection of their legal rights. Forte expressed those ideas in the report for the Vatican’s Synod on the Family in 2014.

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