Cardinal Burke Denounces Biden’s Sacrilegious Reception of Holy Communion

During an interview with host Matt Fradd on  Pints with Aquinas, Cardinal Raymond Burke condemned President Joe Biden’s reception of Holy Communion as a “sacrilege.”

Fradd asked Cardinal Burke about his thoughts on the Sacrament.

Burke shared, “There has to be a deepening of faith, and that’s what’s lost for instance, that we have people like President Biden, who claims to be a devout Catholic, and yet is in favor of aborting babies even in the birth canal. Or is in favor of this whole transgender agenda, which is a complete rebellion against God’s plan for us.”

He continued, “And then that he approaches to receive Holy Communion – this is not possible because he denies Christ in these very blatant public ways, and he stubbornly does this.”

“And at the same time, approaches to receive Christ in the Holy Communion. This is a sacrilege and for his own sake and for the sake of the whole Church that can’t be permitted.”

“And that’s not making the communion rail a battleground … it is simply respect for our Lord Jesus Christ.”

When asked what could be done about it, Cardinal Burke said Biden should be told, “Mr. President, as long as you espouse these policies and programs and laws that are in violation of the Divine Law, you may not approach to receive Holy Communion. And then, if he does, simply not give him Holy Communion.”

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