Richmond Bishop Halts Only Latin Mass in Charlottesville While Awaiting Dispensation from Rome

The bishop of Richmond, Virginia is ending the Traditional Latin Mass in Charlottesville, Virginia, after the two-year permission given by Rome expires this week.

Bishop Barry Knestout informed Father Joseph Mary Lukyamuzi, the pastor of Holy Comforter Catholic Church in Charlottesville, that the “dispensation” granted in virtue of Traditionis custodes for the parish to offer the Traditional Latin Mass expires on July 5.

The bishop stated that he intends to renew the dispensation, but that until he receives the renewal, the parish cannot offer the old Mass. Instead, the Novus Ordo can be offered in Latin, Ad Orientem (facing east), an option already available for any priest not requiring special permission from the bishop.

Citing Traditionis Custodes, the bishop expressed his “confidence” that the pastor would lead the faithful toward the Novus Ordo as “the unique expression of the lex orandi of the Roman Rite.”

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