FOIA Finds Catholic Charities Colluded with City of Chicago to House Illegal Immigrants

A recent FOIA request to the City of Chicago from Terry Newsome of Behind Enemy Lines podcast has found a curious relationship between Catholic Charities organization and City of Chicago officials. In an email from February 20, 2024 a Catholic Charities official sent an update to multiple Illinois government and City of Chicago officials including Chicago Public School and Northwestern employees. The email shows multiple graphs detailing the progress of Catholic Charities efforts to house illegals.

According to the state is funding the asylum seeker program to the tune of $478 million over FY 2023 and 2024. Of course, that money does not just come out of thin air. The recent state budget announced by Governor Pritzker increased the burden of the Illinois taxpayer by $1B. A significant portion of that will be used to address the immigration crisis in Chicago.

Lost in the chaos of the ever-growing immigration crisis is the day-to-day management of an entirely new class of people. Sanctuary cities such as Chicago are having to house, feed, and care for new people from different countries and walks of life on a daily basis. This type of effort is wholly unprecedented and the government infrastructure needed to manage the crisis is not sufficient. Hence the increased taxes and federal government assistance.

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