Meet The NGOs Facilitating Mass Immigration Under The Banner Of Religion

Catholic Charities USA received an astonishing $1.4 billion from the federal government in 2021.

While much of the blame for America’s unprecedented border crisis falls at the feet of policies implemented by President Joe Biden, a network of government-funded, religiously-affiliated nonprofit organizations is spending massive sums of money to facilitate waves of illegal immigrants into the United States.

These groups, which present as religious groups, have cemented roles in the importation of millions of migrants into the United States. They encourage migration along the Central American route that leads to the U.S. border, then offer cash, as well as legal and resettlement services, to many of the more than 10 million people who’ve attempted to cross the border since Biden took office.

The NGOs, which on their face represent Jewish, Catholic, and protestant Christian faiths, rake in millions of taxpayer dollars as they create a pipeline from Central America to the Rio Grande and the Sonoran Desert — the doorstep of the United States. The conservative Heritage Foundation has called it a “corrupt money-changing circle,” in which taxpayers are funding “migration weaponization used against America’s interests.”

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TAKE ACTION: Tell Bishops to Stop Enabling the Illegal Invasion of Our Nation


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