Catholic Charities Under Fire for Book Reading Urging Kids To Transcend ‘Gender Binary’

A Roman Catholic charity in New Jersey has come under fire for sponsoring a book reading earlier this week for children that featured a book encouraging kids to move “beyond the gender binary.”

The Catholic Charities of the Diocese of Trenton sponsored a reading of My Shadow Is Purple on Monday at the Hamilton Township Public Library in Hamilton, New Jersey, as first reported by The Daily Wire.

The 2022 book by Scott Stuart, which is available online and marketed to children aged 4 and up, describes itself as an “inspiring book about being true to yourself and moving beyond the gender binary,” according to Amazon.

“My dad has a shadow that’s blue as a berry and my mom’s is as pink as a blossoming cherry,” the child says in the book. “There’s only those choices, a two or a one. But mine is quite different. It’s both and it’s none. If theirs are straight then mine is a circle.”

At one point in the story, when the boy goes to school wearing a suit made by his father combined with a skirt made by his mother, he is asked to choose between the two, whereupon he says, “My heart just starts racing and tears fill my eyes. I know I must choose, but don’t understand why.”

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