US Bishops Apologize For Native Americans’ ‘History Of Trauma’

US Catholic bishops on Friday formally apologized for contributing to the “history of trauma” experienced by Native Americans at church-run Indian boarding schools.

“The Church recognizes that it has played a part in traumas experienced by Native children,” the US Conference of Catholic Bishops, which shapes church policy in the United States, said in a statement.

The results of a Washington Post investigation published last month found that at least 122 priests, sisters and brothers who were assigned to 22 Catholic-run boarding schools since the 1890s were later accused of sexually abusing Native American children under their care.

Most of the documented abuse happened in the 1950s and 1960s, and involved more than 1,000 children, mostly in the Midwest and the Pacific Northwest, including Alaska, the paper reported.

“We apologize for the failure to nurture, strengthen, honor, recognize, and appreciate those entrusted to our pastoral care,” the conference said in a document, which was approved by a vote.

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