Pope Tells CEOs: Environment Should Be ‘At The Center Of Your Attention’

Pope Francis received 25 CEOs and urged them to “place the environment and the earth at the center of your attention and responsibility.”

“We are living in a time of serious environmental crisis that depends on many individuals and factors, among which are the economic and business choices of the past and present,” the Pope explained. “It is no longer enough merely to comply with the laws of states, which are proceeding too slowly: we need to innovate by anticipating the future, with courageous and forward-looking choices that can be imitated.”

“The innovation of the entrepreneur nowadays must first and foremost be innovation in caring for our common home,” the Pontiff added.

The Pope also called on the CEOs, who are associated with the Sustainable Markets Initiative, not to forget “the poorest and the discarded” and to remember young people, who “are often among the poor of our time: poor in resources, opportunities and a future.”

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