Is Anyone Surprised? U.S. Bishops Vote To Continue Scandal-Plagued, Soros Founded CCHD

The bishops have spoken: The Catholic Campaign for Human Development is not going away.

As my colleague Brian Fraga noted in his report yesterday, the president of the bishops’ conference, Archbishop Timothy Broglio, told a press conference “in all the discussions, the bishops’ ongoing commitment to the vital work of fighting poverty was clear.”

Several bishops told me that in the executive session where the Catholic Campaign for Human Development was discussed, the support for the program was overwhelming. Springfield, Illinois, Bishop Thomas Paprocki intervened to suggest it was time to sunset the program, and his sentiments were echoed by Kansas City, Kansas, Archbishop Joseph Naumann. But Cardinal Joseph Tobin of Newark gave a powerful endorsement of the work of the Catholic Campaign for Human Development and every other speaker echoed Tobin.

The support for the anti-poverty program was so strong, it prompted one bishop to characterize the moment as “a turning point.” The critics of the Catholic Campaign for Human Development had overreached, misjudging the tenor of the body of bishops as a whole. Let’s hope the bishops’ conference keeps turning.

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