Pope Throwing Party For Comedians

Stephen Colbert, Chris Rock and Conan O’Brien walk into a party thrown by the Pope – is this some kind of joke?

This Friday, Pope Francis will host an audience of many of the most prominent English-speaking comedians in the world at the Apostolic Palace in Vatican City. Along with the above comedy A-listers, His Holiness’ list of guests includes Jim Gaffigan, Jimmy Fallon, Whoopi Goldberg, Stephen Merchant and Tig Notaro, and the Vatican’s official press release claims that the humor summit “promises to be a moment of meaningful intercultural dialogue and sharing of joy and hope.”

The Pope himself has said in an interview with an Italian news station that, in advance of his meeting with many of America’s top comedians and the guy who started The Office, he “prays daily in the words of St. Thomas More, asking the Lord to grant him a sense of humor.” Apparently, if Jesus can’t make you funny, the holiest path to humor is to splurge on importing the world’s most expensive comedy talent using all those tax-free donations that God doesn’t want his top servant wasting on the needy.

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