Making Reparation For the Offenses Against the Sacred Heart of Jesus That Have Grown Progressively Worse Since Vatican II

In his June 5, 2024 General Audience, Francis announced his intention to publish a document on devotion to the Sacred Heart of Jesus in September:

“We are passing through this month dedicated to the Sacred Heart. . . This is why I am pleased to prepare a document that brings together the precious reflections of previous Magisterial texts and a long history that goes back to the Sacred Scriptures, in order to re-propose today, to the whole Church, this devotion imbued with spiritual beauty. I believe it will do us great good to meditate on various aspects of the Lord’s love, which can illuminate the path of ecclesial renewal; but also says something meaningful to a world that seems to have lost its heart. I ask you to accompany me in prayer, during this time of preparation, with the intention of making this document public next September.”

Although it would take an extraordinary miracle for Francis to publish a holy and error-free document on the Sacred Heart of Jesus, we can of course pray for it. If Francis takes the project seriously, though, he will find that the “precious Magisterial texts” on the Sacred Heart of Jesus generally repudiate not only all of his initiatives but also essentially every novelty promoted since Vatican II. In particular, we can consider three profound ways in which the evils that have proliferated since the Council directly offend the Sacred Heart of Jesus: denial of the Kingship of Christ, religious indifferentism, and the multiplication of sins.

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