Pope Urges Expelled Homosexual Seminarian to Pursue Vocation

Francis writes to gay aspirant contradicting claim of “too much faggotry” in seminaries

Pope Francis is encouraging a seminarian dismissed for homosexuality to pursue his calling to the priesthood, days after the pontiff triggered a media storm by noting that there is already “too much faggotry” in seminaries.

“I was expelled from the seminary because I said I was gay. I wanted to be a priest, but I wasn’t permitted,” Lorenzo Michele Noè Caruso wrote to Francis in a three-page email on May 28, after he read the pope’s reported comments on gays in seminaries.

Caruso told the pope he and many young people “feel lost in a Church that often seems to be tied to a toxic and elective clericalism, where only some deserve to be welcomed and where others are excluded as false Christians.”

Like him, many other gay seminarians “live on the margins of the Church, often forced to hide because they are excluded from the community or forced to pay the high price of rejection for their sincerity,” Caruso stressed, speaking of his work as a catechist.

Caruso praised the ongoing discussion on LGBTQI+ inclusion in the Synod on Synodality, saying he trusts the process as “a turning point to walk together under the light of Christ, where no one is rejected, and everyone is an expression of God’s plan for our church.

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