Francis Pens Preface to Pro-LGBT Fr. James Martin’s Latest Book

The Vatican has published Pope Francis’ preface to a book by pro-LGBT Father James Martin, S.J., in which the pontiff makes a statement that may be interpreted to claim that one can maintain friendship with God while in mortal sin.

In September 2023, Martin’s book Come Forth: The Promise of Jesus’s Greatest Miracle was published, described as a “meditation on the Raising of Lazarus” and used by Martin to urge homosexuals to “come out” and “embrace” their homosexual tendencies. On Monday, Vatican News published Francis’ preface to Martin’s Italian version of the book, with the preface itself dated on March 11, 2024.

Francis opened the preface noting, “Father James Martin [is] the author of many other books that I know and appreciate,” among which are Building a Bridge, Martin’s notorious 2017 pro-LGBT book in which he attempts to normalize homosexuality and criticizes Catholic doctrine that homosexuality is “disordered.” The heretical Jesuit has elsewhere affirmed homosexual activity despite the Catholic Church’s teaching that such activity is mortally sinful.

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