Louisiana Catholic Men Stand-Up to the ‘Pride’ Infiltration of Their Small Town this June

The small Catholic city of Mandeville, Louisiana, will be hosting its first-ever “pride” parade on June 1, and a group of men in the community is rising up to peacefully dissent. According to local farmer and father of five Ross McKnight, “[The pride parade] seems to be an offensive maneuver on a location known for its family-friendly environment, its plentiful church parishes, and its selection of schools.”

A group called “Queer Northshore” is orchestrating the event. The group was co-founded in 2022 by Jeremy JF Thompson, who, according to his public Facebook profile, appears to be a Los Angeles transplant to the area.

“While a display such as this would perhaps not be so surprising in New Orleans, Chicago, Austin, or Los Angeles, the objective here appears to be the infiltration of a community with traditional, Catholic values,” stated McKnight.

McKnight is the co-founder of La Nouvelle Vendée, a Catholic men’s group aimed at “Resist[ing] Secularism,” reclaiming Louisiana’s Acadian Catholic culture, and “Restor[ing] Christendom in Louisiana.”

La Nouvelle Vendée members plan to combat the “pride” infiltration of their community by standing, “shoulder to shoulder along the [parade route],” reads a description of the counter-protest. The men also intend to pray the Rosary as a public act of reparation in response to what McKnight describes as a “public offense against God.”

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TAKE ACTION: Wouldn’t it be nice if their bishop publicly supported their effort?  Send a message to Bishop Aymond asking him to voice support for these Catholic men.