Archbishop Aguer: Pope Francis’ Vatican has ‘Adopted the Ideology of the French Revolution’

“Pope summons 30 Nobel Prize winners to reflect on fraternity,” reads a La Prensa headline of a story from the outlet EFE. It refers to the recent “World Meeting on Human Fraternity,” whose theme was “Be Human.” The objective was “to elaborate a new worldwide Pact of Fraternity and a new code of the human being, in addition to announcing a great event on fraternity during the Holy Year [Jubilee] to be celebrated in 2025.” The guest list included Guatemalan indigenous leader Rigoberta Menchú, NASA director Bill Nelson, New York Mayor Eric Adams, and Mozambican child activist Graça Machel, who is also the widow of Nelson Mandela.

“Efforts will be made to design concrete proposals to begin to change history, to stimulate the reforms that are lacking, to understand where the principle of fraternity is already present in social life, and to discern the necessary parameters to measure it,” explained the Holy See, which added that on May 11, in the only event to be held in the small state, Bergoglio will receive the participants in a private audience.

The Holy See – to the envy of universal Freemasonry – has adopted the ideology of the French Revolution: “Liberté, egalité, fraternité.” Where has it filed away Jesus’ command to Peter and the Eleven to make all peoples His disciples – i.e., Christians? The successor of Peter is unfortunately the one leading the Church of Rome on this wrong path that the whole Church must follow. There is a way to react according to Tradition: the Apostle Paul reproached Peter for his hypocrisy because he ate with those who came from paganism but began to “Judaize” when James, cousin of the Lord and head of the Church of Jerusalem, arrived. In the letter to the Galatians, Paul says “I resisted him to his face” (kata prosōpon autō antestēn) and calls this behavior “hypókrisis.” (2:11-2:13)

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