Biden: Cafeteria Catholic or Something Far More Dangerous?

Joe Biden, in addition to holding the exalted title of President of the United States of America, holds a number of informal and unofficial titles.  For instance:

  • Head of the Democratic Party.
  • Commander-in-chief of the US armed forces.
  • The second Catholic President of the USA.
  • Leader of the free world.
  • Father of Hunter Biden.
  • “Cafeteria Catholic” – this title having been recently bestowed upon him by the cardinal-archbishop of Washington D.C., Wilton Gregory.
  • America’s foremost champion of abortion rights.
  • America’s foremost champion of homosexual rights.
  • America’s foremost champion of transgender rights.

John F. Kennedy, the first Catholic President, was no model of Catholic virtue, at least when it came to the Sixth Commandment.  But Kennedy took the trouble to keep his sexual sins concealed from all but his friends and a co-operative press.  He didn’t broadcast them.  We (the general public) didn’t learn about them until after his death.  More important still from a Catholic point of view, Kennedy, unlike Mr. Biden, didn’t make public pronouncements declaring certain sins are morally good.  He didn’t, for instance, shout from the rooftops that fornication is good and adultery even better.

But something like that is what President Biden is doing.  When it comes to religion, Biden is not a man who presents himself to the public as a person who grew up Catholic but has long since outgrown that childishness and now embraces an anti-Catholic view of the world and of morality.  Far from it.  He presents himself as a true Catholic. “When you see me, you see a Catholic, a genuine Catholic, the real thing.”

And so when he tells the nation, including the very sizeable Catholic portion of the nation, that abortion and homosexuality and transgenderism are morally allowable and deserve legal protection, he is in effect saying, “I can assure you from the point of view of a true Catholic that abortion, homosexuality, and transgenderism are morally permissible things.  And not only morally permissible but deserving of legal protection.”

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TAKE ACTION: Contact Bishop William Koenig at or 302.573.3100 and demand he excommunicate Joe Biden, thereby stopping the scandal of allowing Biden to present himself as a ‘devout Catholic.’


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