The LGBT Apostasy

The Jesuit LGBT magazine Outreach is promoting the display of pro-LGBT signage by students and their parents at Catholic schools. That’s bound to create havoc for the Catholic communities that will be targeted for this kind of harassment. And all kinds of legal trouble too. Which is probably the point when you consider that one of the authors is an attorney. The other listed authors are the founders of Catholic Allies:

“a non-profit organization that seeks to foster a culture of loving support for LGBTQ people within our Catholic families. We seek to carve more affirming space for LGBTQ people—and especially youth—within our Catholic community.”  Outreach

I’ve previously reported that the current spate of pro-LGBT activity in the Church is coming from the Rome Synod which concluded its first session in October of 2023. That session was immediately followed by the publication of three controversial documents:

  • Ad Theologiam Promovendam calls for a “paradigm shift” and “cultural revolution in theology based on science.
  • The Synod Final Report declares that science can change our teachings on sexual ethics. Bishop Robert Barron publicly denounced this. And the “dubia” Cardinals denounced this teaching as heresy.
  • Fiducia Supplicans calls for the blessings of same-sex couples.

The global Church resoundingly rejected Fiducia Supplicans, and all three documents have received severe criticism from important prelates around the world.

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