Synod Cardinal AGAIN Falsely Claims Catholic Teaching on Male-Only Priesthood ‘Can be Changed’

Cardinal Jean-Claude Hollerich has falsely claimed that the Church could change its teaching on a solely male priesthood and open the door to female ordinations.

In an interview with the Swiss outlet, Hollerich, who is the relator general of the Vatican’s Synod on Synodality, said that the Church’s rejection of female ordinations “is not an infallible doctrinal decision.”

When asked by the interviewer if Pope Francis would introduce female priests, the cardinal from Luxembourg replied, “That’s very difficult to say.”

“The Pope is sometimes capable of surprises,” he continued. “But I would tend to say no.”

“Shortly before the synod, there was a ‘dubia’ from a few cardinals. They asked whether John Paul II’s rejection of the priesthood of women was binding for the Church. Francis replied very wisely: It is binding, but not forever. And he also said that theology would have to discuss this further.”

“This means that it is not an infallible doctrinal decision,” Hollerich stated. “It can be changed. It needs arguments and time.”

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