Bishop Stowe Doubles Down, Praises Woman as ‘Transgender’ Male Monk

The Catholic Diocese of Lexington, Kentucky, issued a statement on Tuesday praising a woman who identifies as a transgender man.

The diocese statement not only used male pronouns to refer to this biological female, it also noted that Bishop John Stowe had “accepted” the woman’s decision. The bishop is “grateful to Brother Christian for his witness of discipleship, integrity, and contemplative prayer for the Church,” the statement said.

“On Pentecost Sunday, Brother Christian Matson, a professed hermit in the Diocese of Lexington, has made it public that he is a transgender person,” the diocese said in a statement Tuesday afternoon. “Brother Christian has long sought to consecrate his life to Christ in the Church by living the evangelical counsels of poverty, chastity, and obedience.”

“He has consistently been accompanied by a competent spiritual director and has undergone formation in the Benedictine tradition,” the statement continued. “He does not seek ordination, but has professed a rule of life that allows him to support himself financially by continuing his work in the arts and to live a life of contemplation in a private hermitage.”

A spokesman for the diocese would not comment further to The Daily Signal.

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